About Us

Xevee Corporation was founded in 2003 by former Joyal employees.  We are an official licensee of Joyal Products, Inc. Xevee Corporation manufactures and sells Joyal resistance fusing and welding machines, Joyal spare parts, and resistance electrodes.  We also create custom electrodes to your specifications. Our prices are competitive and our expertise is sought after because we provide creative and economical processing solutions. We work with our customers in a collaborative manner.  Our customer base continues to grow from recommendations.  

Our fusing machines and quality crafted spare parts are used in a variety of industries including automotive, aviation, jewelry, and consumer appliances.  Our fusing machines are also used by the military. The materials we use to make resistance electrodes are first quality tungsten, molybdenum, and copper.  This ensures better electrical conductivity and less mechanical wear and heat stress.  We provide the precision parts to do the job right.


The electrodes that we manufacture are being used for:


Commutator Fusing and Brazing Machines

Litz Wire Termination

Magnet Wire Bonding

Jewlery Manuafacturing

Bare and Magnet Wire Termination